Start social and health insurance procedures for daily labor in Egypt

Start social and health insurance procedures for daily labor in Egypt
    Start social and health insurance procedures for daily labor in Egypt
    The Ministry of Manpower and Social Solidarity announced the beginning of effective procedures in the coming days to limit and register irregular labor at the level of the Republic and prepare a database for them in order to introduce them into the social insurance system in implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic to insure daily social and health workers. 

    Call for all seasonal employment to go to the offices and branches of the ministry in all provinces to register themselves.

    "There is a need to distinguish between informal workers and workers in an organized sector," said Mohamed Issa, deputy minister of manpower at a meeting of the parliament's manpower committee, which is currently being held to discuss the social and health insurance mechanism. How to pay payments in the name of irregular employment and do not benefit from them because they are not identified by name, so we seek to have a pension and health and social insurance on the irregular workers in various forms, whether workers of the sea or contracting or agriculture or mines and quarries and others.

    He added, "Issa" in his speech: "There is an inventory of workers who submit to the Ministry for the disbursement of grants, and this mechanism is available before, and under the guidance of the political leadership to seek social and health insurance, a constitutional entitlement and not a grant from the government, Labor force, social solidarity and other organizations and workers' organizations, to start enumeration of these workers. "

    As for the initial numbers, the representative of the Ministry of Manpower confirmed that the ministry has an inventory of half a million workers, and the Federation of Industries has an inventory, "but there is no accurate and comprehensive inventory of these labor, there must be a precise database of irregular employment, Enumerate the call for employment to register in the labor offices at the level of the Republic, so as to benefit from the system of social insurance or health.

    For his part, said Ahmed Shehat, legal adviser to the Minister of Social Solidarity, "The insurance policy and social insurance and anything else, financial coverage and insurance and pensions, something, and therefore can not say that the close pension, and the document as a blanket savings has nothing to do with social protection health, document Life insurance with controls, and involving government companies or private companies, which is optional and has no social protection insurance for these families, we have employment of more than 15 million have no insurance cover, and therefore resort to other methods, while these groups may have protection Insurance according to Law, it must be limited to these categories of employment, and to identify laws and decisions of the Organization, and entities under its jurisdiction, and the jurisdiction of each party to introduce legislation in line with the vision and directives of the Presidency of the Republic. "

    Sami Abdul Hadi, head of the social insurance fund for public and private sector employees, said that "the committee formed to study the issue of irregular employment will be the first to consider the mechanism of establishing the database through networking between the Ministries of Manpower, Social Security and Trade Unions, And it will have to consider the current legislation of the insurance, and whether it is sufficient or require an amendment and review of the insurance laws.

    "We have a real problem in the health insurance, which has a period of 15 years, and these workers are in dire need of health care, because they are not covered. Currently, only bakeries with health insurance. , And after the inventory we will determine whether we target all irregular employment once, or start with a group after a group, rather than the beginning of all, and the result is zero.

    Dr. Imad Kazim, Chairman of the Specialized Medical Councils said: "The idea of ​​using treatment at the expense of the state is based on uninsured citizens. In the budget of 2016/2017, we have treated 1.5 million uninsured Egyptian citizens. Takaful and dignity, and the medical disclosure of about 85 thousand citizens of the uninsured within four months, issuing decisions of health care to them through specialized medical councils.
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