The Egyptian army controls a very dangerous spot in the Sinai
The Egyptian armed forces announced that it had shelled 68 targeted targets, hiding and storing weapons and ammunition for terrorist elements, after having confirmed information on these targets.

A statement by the Egyptian military spokesman that the participating forces, in the comprehensive operation to combat terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula, which was launched a few days ago, seized a very dangerous terrorist center in central Sinai, and eliminated three elements of the most wanted in the operations targeting troops.

Some 224 criminal, criminal and suspect elements were arrested, some of whom were found with firearms and a number of shots, and legal proceedings were taken against them.

The armed forces seized a number of vehicles used by terrorist elements, destroyed 150 shelters of their own, and 5 farms for cultivation of cannabis and narcotic drugs.

The specialized elements of the military engineers to discover and detonate the number of 28 explosive devices were planted on the axes of the movement of the raid forces.

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