The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) gained EGP 2.9 billion by the close of the week
The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the week's session on a collective rise of all indices, driven by buying from Arab and foreign dealers. The market capitalization of the stock exchange rose by 2.9 billion pounds to close at 861.463 billion pounds.

The total value of shares traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange reached EGP 1 billion. The net value of the transactions of Egyptian and Arab companies for sale was EGP 16.6 million and EGP 2.95 million respectively. Meanwhile, Egyptian, Arab, foreign and foreign companies traded net worth EGP 2.5 million. Million pounds, 4 million pounds, 9.3 million pounds, respectively.

The EGX30 index rose 0.31% to close at 15088 points. The EGX 50 index rose 0.21% to 2695 points. The EGX20 index jumped 0.03% to close at 14715 points.

The index of small and medium-sized companies, "EGX70" by 0.93% to close at 870 points, and the broader "EGX 100" index by 0.75% to close at 2057 points, and the index fell by 0.91% to reach 512 points .

Shares of 81 listed companies closed at the close of trading, 61 companies declined, and 34 companies remained unchanged.

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