Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul Episode 104 season 4 (Resurrection Ertuğrul) translated

Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul Episode 104 season 4 (Resurrection Ertuğrul) translated
    Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul Episode 104 season 4 (Resurrection Ertuğrul) translated
    Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul Episode 104 season 4 (Resurrection Ertuğrul) translated , Here is Diriliş Ertuğrul 104th episode! Is the mother die ....? Engin Altan Düzyatan, Hülya Darcan and Esra Bilgiç, the starring roles, have been broadcasted in the 104th episode of Diriliş Ertuğrul. What's going to be the 104th episode of Ertuğrul ....?

    The last episode is the big event, Resurrection Ertuğrul, new section trailers continue to come. The most popular series of TRT 1 screens has been published in the 2nd edition of the Resurrected Ertuğrul 104. Engin Altan Düzyatan, Hülya Darcan and Esra Bilgiç will star in the TRT 1 screens on Wednesday, January 31, the 104th episode of the popular series Resurrection Ertuğrul. What will happen in the 104th episode of Ertuğrul ..? "I see many difficulties, if I have a last chance, I will see my son in the room together," says Hayme, will the mother die ....?

    Diriliş Ertuğrul Episode 104

    Summary: After Ertuğrul, Bahadır and his family disappeared, he set out to conquer the Karacahisar Castle, finally entered the secret passage and acquired Kalay. Ares managed to escape by hiding him among the dead. What will be the administrative policy of Ertuğrul from now on? What are the responsibilities of Kaleyi request to Ertuğrul? What will he do to arrest Ares?

    What measures will the empire take against future threats and attacks? Where will Ares go to hide away and hide between the dead and the dead? Will Bilecik reach Tekfuru? How will it take a step back from Ertugrul? Will he be sentenced or will the army collect and return?

    Diriliş Ertuğrul 104 BolumDiriliş Ertuğrul (Resurrection Ertugrul) Episode 104

    What will happen to the injured Titan? Will the Atsiz who pursues Ares catch him? How will the Sultan respond after the request of Ertuğrul? What will Emir Saadeddin's reaction and plan for this situation be?

    According to Necdet Sakaoglu, the memory of Hayma Ana, who has not been studied much by historians, has been alive by the people of the Domanic township, as Hayma Hatun has experienced great sorrows and troubles in history. The Ottoman Sultan II who heard that a grave in the village of Çarşamba was visited by the local people for centuries as Hayma Hatun as a kabri. Abdulhamid built a tomb here in 1892. On the other hand, İdris-i Bitlisî writes that Osman Gazi's young son Alâeddin Pasha resides in Bilecik with his mother in the name of Hesht Behstish.

    The tradition of the Ottoman sultans to marry non-Muslims has yet to begin, so Hayma Hatun is the Turk. According to another belief, Hayme Ana is the wife of Kaya Alpoğlu Süleyman Shah, the mother of Ertuğrul Gazi and the grandmother of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman State. Upon the death of his son Süleyman Şah drowning while passing the Euphrates, Hayme Ana, who took the head of Kayı Boyu, first settled in Ankara Karacadağ, then Domanic and Söğüt, after the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad.

    Ertuğrul Gazi defeated his mother, Hayme Ana, who was also known as "State Mother", on a hill where he built a tent every year in the village of Çarşamba. Sultan II. Abdulhamid, in 1892, Hayma's mother built the turbine of today on Kabri. Memorial ceremony is held for Hayme Ana who passed away in the village of Wednesday. Hayma Hatun's tomb and Hayme Main sculpture is one of the most important places that can be seen in Domanic town of Kütahya.
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