Valencia vs Real Sociedad Live Streaming online Today 25.02.2018 Spain La Liga
Valencia vs Real Sociedad Live Streaming online Today 25.02.2018 Spain La Liga , After experiencing a prolonged winter recession, Valencia again began to win. So far, it's true, only the outsiders of the championship, but it also allowed the "bats" to stay in the leading group. Will "Valencia" beat Real Sociedad?


After losing six duels in a row, Valencia finally found the strength to "rise" again. Prior to the previous two rounds of "bats" three games in a row could not even score. "Barcelona" in the Cup team Toral lost 0: 1 and 0: 2, and "Atletico" in the championship - 0: 1. However, after the final departure from the Catalans "Valencia" again won. "Bats" beat the home of "Levante" - 3: 1. The next opponent of the team was even weaker. "Valencia" won the away match "Malaga" - 2: 1. That is, a duel with "Real Sociedad" will become a kind of litmus test for the wards of Thoral: did Valencia come out of the crisis or are they just rivals too weak?

Real Sociedad

"Real Sociedad", at first glance, also began to recover. The Basques actually approached the relegation zone, but then suddenly they did not leave a stone on the stone from "Deportivo" - 5: 0. And this success for the San Sebastian was not one-time. In the next round, the team of Sacristan gave the fight to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu - 2: 5, and then defeated the Levante at 3-0. However, the improved results did not save the team in the Europa League. From there, "Real Sociedad" still flew from the "Red Bull" - 2: 2 and 1: 2.

Statistics and personal meetings

"Valencia" missed all six previous home games in the championship.
The lose-lose guest series "Real Sociedad" in La Liga is equal to seven meetings. Five of them lost the Basques.

"Real Sociedad" beat "Valencia" in four of the five previous confrontations. However, in the last duel of this season, the victory was just behind the "bats" - 3: 2. Note that the rate of "TB 4.5" played in all three extreme personal meetings of the teams in question.

Valencia vs Real Sociedad  2:1

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