Watford vs Everton Live Streaming online Today 24.02.2018 England Premier League
Watford vs Everton Live Streaming online Today 24.02.2018 England Premier League, In the final match of the Saturday program of the 28th round of the English Premier League, "Watford" will try to defeat Everton. In the first round match "toffee" beat the "hornet" of the house with a score of 3: 2. 


 "Watford" excellent start this season, but closer to the middle of autumn the team's game went wrong. Over the previous 15 rounds, "hornets" managed to win only three times. It was in the last home game that Chelsea managed to defeat 4: 1. The victory went to the team already under the guidance of a new coach, which, according to the decision of the leadership, was Havi Grassia. The legacy of the Spanish coach got complicated. In the infirmary of the club were immediately 12 players, but gradually it empties. Because of the reshuffle of the game "Watford" does not differ stability, but pleases with goals scored. In the last six home games there were more than three goals.


"Everton" after the appearance on the coaching bridge Sam Ellardisa successfully solved the minimum task: the team went noticeably forward from the relegation zone. At the moment, "toffee" occupies the eighth line, without serious prospects to move forward, however, the distance from the departure zone is already eight points. Now the team is playing the same with varying success, mostly defeating the house. But on the road the game at Everton did not work out, especially on the defensive. "Toffee" lost in the last three matches in a row, "Bournemouth" 1: 2, "Arsenal" 1: 5 and "Tottenham" 0: 4.

Watford vs Everton 1:0

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