Who is Algerian djamila bouhired Algerian revolution icon against French
Who is Algerian djamila bouhired Algerian revolution icon against French, djamila bouhired is an Algerian resistance fighter who contributed directly to the Algerian revolution against French colonialism in the mid-20th century

djamila bouhired was born in the Casbah neighborhood of Algiers, from an educated Algerian father and a Tunisian mother from Kasbah. She was the only girl among her family. Her mother gave birth to 7 young men. Her mother had the greatest influence in her love for the country. At that time, djamila bouhired continued her school education and then joined the Institute of Tailoring and Tailoring. She practiced classical dance and was skilled in horseback riding until the Algerian revolution broke out in 1954, when she joined the Algerian National Liberation Front to struggle against the French occupation. She was twenty years old and then joined the ranks of the Fedayeen. She was the first volunteer to plant bombs on the path of French colonialism. 1. She was arrested in 1957 when she fell to the ground bleeding bleeding after being shot in the shoulder and arrested and began her cruel journey of torture and her famed family that she said at the time
Who is Algerian djamila bouhired Algerian revolution icon against French

 I know that you will sentence me to death but do not forget that you kill the traditions of freedom in your country, but you will not prevent Algeria from becoming free and independent
djamila bouhired After 3 years of imprisonment she was deported to France and spent three years there to be released with the rest of her colleagues.

The story of its struggle against colonialism

Algerian students chanted in the morning column to France, but she screamed: Algeria is safe. The headmaster of the French school took her out of the morning column and punished her severely, but she did not retreat and at this moment she was born with militant tendencies. She later joined the Algerian Liberation Front in the struggle against French colonialism. As a result of her tournaments, she became the first on the list of persecutors until she was shot in 1957 and arrested.

From inside the hospital, the French began to torture the militant. She was subjected to electric shock for three days by the colonizer, who recognized her colleagues. But she bore this torture. She was unconscious and when she woke up, Algeria said, "We are safe." When the torturers failed to extract any confession from her, her trial was sentenced to death and was sentenced to death in 1957 and was set for March 7, 1958, but the whole world erupted and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights met and received millions of denunciations from all over the world. After the liberation of Algeria in 1962, djamila bouhired left prison and married her French lawyer Jacques Virgis in 1965, who defended the militants of the National Liberation Front, especially djamila bouhired, who converted to Islam and took Mansour as his name.

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