Argentina vs Italy Live Streaming online Today 23.03.2018 Friendly Match
Argentina vs Italy Live Streaming online Today 23.03.2018 Friendly Match , Friendly match between the strongest teams of the World will be held in Manchester on Friday night. Both teams do not profess an attacking football, but are staffed with quality performers.


Argentina failed to qualify for the World Championship and only at the last moment could jump into the train leaving for Russia. Despite the abundance of stars in each line, Jorge Sampaoli has never learned to manage the collective in such a way that criticism does not accompany every game of his wards.

On the setbacks in the selection of "fun" Sampaoli at the helm of the national team did not end. In the last match, the Argentina national team with a crash "flew" far less status and modest Nigeria with an immodest score of 2: 4. The Federation decided not to change the mentor before the start of the world championship, but with such a game, the "professor" can hardly expect to continue working in the team after his graduation.


Italy sensationally flew out of the playoffs of the selection for the World Championship from Sweden. The collective, which was to be the decoration of the tournament, will look at it from the TV screens, such is fate. All the "dogs" were eventually hung on Ventura, who had to leave his post.

Acting as head coach with the prospect of an increase appointed Luigi Di Biagio. The name of this mentor is familiar to every football fan - in his time Di Biagio spent more than 30 matches for the Italian team. The first test for the coach will be a match with Argentina, and the result is now to demand the fans will immediately, given the failed experience with Ventura.

Argentina vs Italy 2:0

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