Bologna vs AS Roma Live Streaming online Today 31.03.2018
Bologna vs AS Roma Live Streaming online Today 31.03.2018 , Expert opinion: Bologna's biggest goal this season is relegation and they almost finished their qualification early on when Serie A 2017/18 passed a third. They are currently 34 points behind 29 turns and 10 points behind the relegated team. Although playing more than one match, but "distance" so it is difficult to level up when the season is only nine rounds to end it.

So, we see recently Bologna is not trying too hard. They lost to SPAL, the team struggling to escape the last three positions. The last three times, they only get a single point. Another noteworthy point is that Bologna's home field is not so good. It is often said that the 12th player in the team but Bologna victory in the last six matches is only 50%.

Meanwhile, Roma are showing their form in the final stages of the season. Four consecutive games, teacher coach DI Francesco are the triumphal return. Even Napoli, who are ranked second on the table does not make them difficult. Roma are scoring a formidable eight goals in that series of successes (averaging 2 goals per game) and conceding 3 goals.

On 5/4, Roma will be the guest of Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. It was a difficult game and Di Francesco will have a few options. However, his best option was to strengthen Serie A, securing a third place before reaching out to the big sea. Therefore, still trust the team in this match.

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