Egypt: Discoveries of energy deposits will boost Greek-Egyptian relations

Egypt: Discoveries of energy deposits will boost Greek-Egyptian relations
    Egypt: Discoveries of energy deposits will boost Greek-Egyptian relations
    A clear message that relations between Greece and Egypt are of deep and historical significance and are currently at the highest level of cooperation and coordination, Egypt's ambassador to Greece, Farid Monib, is sending an interview with Egypt-Egypt, amid an election process in Egypt.

    Indeed, Farid Monib underlines the "stabilizing role of the two countries in an unstable region" and characterizes the Greek-Egyptian strategic and historical relations. It also expresses the certainty that the discovery of energy deposits will further strengthen bilateral relations, while focusing on the benefits to both peoples of deepening economic cooperation between the two countries.

    On the occasion of yesterday's national anniversary of 25 March, he hastened to congratulate the Greek people on their national day and sent a message of gratitude and support to the Egyptian people. By embossing the current image of Egyptian Greeks about our country, including him, he said that they feel like living at home and he underlined:

    "The support of the Greeks for us is clear in all areas, not only politically but economically, culturally and socially." In this context, he expressed the certainty that the peoples of Greece and Egypt will overcome the economic crisis.

    On the occasion of the Egyptian participation in the presidential election, as the Egyptians abroad voted in the local Egyptian embassies on 16-18 March, she thanked Greece for "helping her have these smooth, secure elections" and welcomed from their attendance at the polls.

    He estimated that the participation of Egyptian Greeks in the presidential election increased by 70% compared to the previous elections in 2014. Emphasizing the importance of their participation, he stressed that "significant participation" shows their willingness to protect the right to vote and to understand their rights.

    The Egyptian ambassador underlined that it was not just a voting process but a way to express their support for their country and the challenges it faces, both politics - with emphasis on security - and economic. "It was a message of support to the government and the Egyptian leader," he argued,

    "We saw people coming to vote not alone, but to bring their whole family with them to see the electoral process closely." Referring also to the challenges facing Egypt today, he emphasized internal security, the fight against terrorism, economic reforms and investment in infrastructure and sustainable development.

    He reminded that it is the third time that Egyptians abroad vote in the country's presidential elections, as they did not have the right to vote before 2011.

    It is noted that the first round of presidential elections in Egypt is held from 26th to 28th of March and b, if necessary, from 24th to 26th April, as announced by the National Electoral Authority of the country. The results of the first round of the presidential election will be announced on 2 April and if the second round is held on 1 May.
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