Fantastic Footballer , More Happy Man: See what the benefactor Mohamed Salah did
Fantastic Footballer , More Happy Man: See what the benefactor Mohamed Salah did
Mohamed Salah is a fantastic footballer, but he is an even better man, which he has proven many times.

The Egyptian plays his career season. In the Liverpool jersey he scored 24 Premier League goals, allowing him to take first place on the list of Shooters with Harry Keane.

Previously, he took his national team to the World Cup ...

However, although he is now among the most prized players in the world, Salah does not forget where he is from.

Earlier, he donated funds for the construction of a football field and a sports hall in his hometown, and when they wanted to give him a villa in Egypt, he asked instead to build a home for those who needed it most.

Also, at the end of last year, it was reported to the public that he had donated 26,000 pounds to a failed Egyptian football player to repay debts.

He recently informed the parents of a sick boy that he would pay for the treatment he could not receive in any other way.

The last in a series that this benefactor has done is that the hospital in Giza donated half a million pounds for cancer treatment!

Bravo for Salah!

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