Jürgen Klop: Liverpool negotiates with Jane about a new contract
Liverpool's Liverpool manager Jürgen Klop said today that negotiations with footballer Emre Jane about a new contract are ongoing and that "nothing has been decided yet"
Jana is out of contract at the end of the season, has not signed a new contract due to which the media speculate that he will leave the club for a year and move to Juventus.

Earlier in the week, he criticized the media for "false stories" that he had asked for more than £ 200,000 a week to stay at Enfield.

"The situation is open, nothing is decided, we talk to him, and for now everything is good, except for the part that did not sign the contract." That's all, there's no problem, "said Klop.

Liverpool on Saturday play against Crystal Palace and if they win they could take the second place in the table. After that, on Wednesday, Liverpool play against Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

"We will play against Palas concentrated and seriously," he said. "For the Liverpool coach, the goal in the season is that the team is at least in the Champions League." "We both understand, we have no differences," said the German coach.

The match against Crystal Palace will be Klopova 100th in the Premier League, and he said that this is a nice number.

It's amazing that the club is fantastic, the fans are fantastic and the team is fantastic. It would be better if we won one or two finals, but it's fine. for the future, and that's the best thing you can say about a soccer club. We are strenuously trying to win something, "said Klop.

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