Lazio vs Juventus Live Streaming online Today 03.03.2018 Italy Serie A
Lazio vs Juventus Live Streaming online Today 03.03.2018 Italy Serie A, Only a few days after the battles in the Italian Cup, "Lazio" and "Juventus" will hold a full-time meeting in Rome. "Eagles" will try to keep the third line in the table, and "Juventus" will do everything possible to prevent the "Napoli" from relaxing.


"Lazio" was unable to go to the final of the Italian Cup. The brilliant form of "Milan" helped him to squeeze into the final. The big disappointment for Inzaghi is not so much the fact of the final defeat as the number of forces given by his players in 120 minutes of confrontation. Play against Juventus just two days after the match against Milan will be very difficult. Perhaps, a little bit of "Orlam" will add a large number of fans to the stands, the number of tickets sold exceeded 25 thousand on Friday.

Optimism adds to the Romans only the fact that all of its main competitors also have heavy rivals, and it is likely that even with the worst outcome of the match with Juve, the Eagles will be able to keep their second line. To all the difficulties that have come, the match in the European League with Dynamo Kiev next week is added, but at the moment, Inzaghi is probably the last to think about him.


"Juventus" on Wednesday hosted the return match of the Italian Cup against "Atalanta", and having obtained a confident victory in the account (1: 0), went to the final of the tournament. Allegri has rotated the line-up to keep the team toned for Saturday's match in Rome, as well as the most important meeting in the Champions League against Tottenham, which will be held on March 7 at Wembley. As a result, the coach was very pleased, after the match he described the game of his wards as exemplary.

On the eve of such an important duel, it can not be said that all the thoughts of the "Old Lady" are focused on the international meeting, because the tasks in the national championship are far from being solved. "Napoli" does not abandon attempts to take the Scudetto into their property, sacrificing for this purpose international tournaments. "Juventus" certainly can not afford such luxury, but after the result of the first meeting against "Spurs", the departure for Allegri's team is very close.

Lazio vs Juventus 0:1

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