Mohamed Salah continues to score in Liverpool's win over Newcastle
Liverpool teamed up with a 2-0 win at Newcastle United on Saturday at Anfield in the 29th round of Premier League Premier League.

 Mohamed Salah scored the first goal for Liverpool in the 40th minute. Salah has raised his score to 24 goals in 28 appearances this season for the English Premier League, sharing the top scorer with Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur's star.

Senegalese striker Sadio Mane then added the second goal to the 56th minute.

Egyptian Mohamed Salah fired a 16-minute free kick from Newcastle.

Mohammed Salah also preferred to deflect Newcastle defender and then kick the ball into a corner in the 28th minute.

The referee rejected a penalty kick for Mohamed Salah in the last minute of the match after the Newcastle defender blocked him from the back as he secured the keeper in a controversial shot amid objections from Liverpool and coach Juergen Klopp.

Mohammed Salah scores wholesale records

Mohamed Salah scored 26 different games this season in various competitions, more than any other player in the five major European league "Big 5".

In the first season of the season, Mohammed Salah also surpassed Liverpool's highest scoring record with Uruguayan Luis Suarez reaching 31 goals against 32 Egyptian Pharaohs.

Mohammed Salah won the match for the seventh consecutive game in Liverpool's jersey in all competitions.

With this result, Liverpool are up to 60, finishing second in the League table, one point behind Manchester United with 59 points and meeting Crystal Palace on Monday.

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