North Korea turns its back to Trump and rejects conditional talks
North Korea rejected US President Donald Trump's comments last week on his willingness to hold talks with North Korea.

"We want to hold talks with the government of Pyongyang only under appropriate conditions," the US president said last week.

"There will be no dialogue between the two countries if America imposes preconditions for negotiations," said a statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

The ministry confirmed that North Korea does not intend to abandon its nuclear and missile program in return for dialogue with the US administration.

"We welcome the peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the issues, but we will not seek dialogue, nor will we avoid the military option that the United States is constantly waving."

The Trump's "pre-condition" statement shows Washington does not want dialogue with North Korea, the ministry said.

North Korea stepped up last year to launch ballistic missiles, and also conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear tests, which led to strained relations with America, which was hinted at the use of military force against it.

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