Portugal vs Netherlands Live Streaming online Today 26.03.2018 Friendlies
Portugal vs Netherlands Live Streaming online Today 26.03.2018 Friendlies, Portugal is hosting the second meeting this year in preparation for the 2018 World Cup. In the first game, Egypt would be beaten by the help of the double Ronaldo at the added time. 


The Portuguese national team could become one of the main disappointments of the day's play in the last friendly match - Fernando Santos's team failed 90 minutes of the match against the Egyptian team, but the double Ronaldo saved the coach from an unpleasant conversation with the press after the match.

Santos used in the last game from the start almost the whole "base", and did not take off Ronaldo until the final whistle, despite the friendly status of the match. Such actions indicate that the mentor does not intend to experiment on a global scale with the composition.


Team Netherlands lost the last game of England. Such a result is not sensational for the current generation of Dutch football players, defeats and flying past major continental competitions are already becoming a habit. The minimum defeat of 0: 1 is in fact even a satisfactory result, given the game, which showed in the match Kuman's wards. The British opened the scoring at the beginning of the second half, and did not particularly strive to develop it, playing confidently on the defensive. In the upcoming game, Kuman has the opportunity to test the strength of his players on another very strong team, and his team will not strive for the extreme necessity of a victorious result.

Portugal vs Netherlands 3:0

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