Spain vs Argentina Live Streaming online Today 27.03.2018 Friendlies

Spain vs  Argentina Live Streaming online Today 27.03.2018 Friendlies
    Spain vs  Argentina Live Streaming online Today 27.03.2018 Friendlies
    Spain vs  Argentina Live Streaming online Today 27.03.2018 Friendlies , Friendly match. 27 March. 22:30. Madrid. "Wanda Metropolitano", On Friday, the confrontation of two of the three most played, the most powerful teams in the world, respectively, are the main contenders for the victory at Mundiale. 

    Team Germany and Spain gave the game the highest quality, only inciting appetite on the eve of the tournament. Today, "Fury Roch" expects another test - a favorite by name, but not by the game. More precisely, one name.

    Wards Khulen Lopetega in his cadence did not lose a single match, winning 12 of 17, won six wins and a draw in the last seven home, and after two failed major tournaments, they want to adequately spend the remains of the Barcelona golden generation. At the same time, there are not so many remnants of these - there are only three in the current composition, and now the team is a more balanced fusion of Barca, Real and others. Sergio Ramos, who won the 150th match on Friday and returned to the national team after the birth of the third child, thanks to this, believes that present-day Spain is much stronger in defense, much more balanced in terms of both personnel and style. So - certainly one of the main favorites of the upcoming world forum ("if we play that way - there will be no problems").

    As for today's rival Ramos and the company, then "albiseleste" with great difficulty broke through to the World Cup, lost to Nigeria in a friendly match in the fall with a score of 2: 4, at the moment did not really establish a game and rely on the individual competence of the stellar team headed by Lionel Messi. Does not sound very promising? It is in this situation, the worst neighbors of the Argentines, the Brazilians took the 2002 Championship. The Portuguese are Euro 2016. And Messi himself and the company stopped a step away from winning the 2014 World Cup. Therefore, today's match is even more interesting than it seems at first glance. And Lopetegi rightly refuses to call his comrades-in-arms, mentioning the "non-comradely" attitude of the players to the match against the "Mannshaft".

    Head coach of the German national team Joachim Lev after Friday's match spoke about the tremendous teamwork and the "ideal automatism" of the experienced rival team. In the automatism and teamwork of "Furia Roja" with its huge advantage in possession of the ball and its quiet circulation, it's really unlikely that anyone will be inferior. And the forwards, whether scoring Rodrigo on Friday (five goals in the last four matches for the national team and the club) or always ready to score Diego Costa, are able to find their goal. Yet the firepower of the team is not enough, mainly from the attacking midfielders. Neither is defense ideal, as noted by Leo and Lopetegi himself. The latter spoke about the problems experienced by the wards against high-speed and physically powerful teams, about the uncomfort in opposing counterattacks. But it was with a counterattack that the Argentines scored twice in the gates of the Italian team. Their solidity and finally the "dry" match in the defense also added optimism to Jorge Sampaoli. And this victory (2: 0) was won without the injured Messi.

    Today, a little rested and from training five times the winner of the Golden Ball is burning with a desire to play. And this is very important, given that Angel Di Maria was injured in Friday's match and has already gone to the camp of his club. Sergio Aguero also will not play, and plug these holes will not help Mauro Icardi and Paulo Dibal, just because they were not called into the team. The author of the second goal at the gate of Gianluigi Buffon, Manuel Lancini, also injured, will not help either. That is why the importance of Messi only increases. As if it had not grown sufficiently in the light of Sampaoli's statements that this team is more like Lionel than the coach. Lopetegi also believes that Sampaoli just managed to fit the star wards into the team game. It is more successful than its predecessors. We hope, we will see it today.

    The Spaniards also did not remain without losses. Injury Sergio Busquets makes Loptegi, in his words, seek special solutions in the center of the field. Against the Germans played Koke, it seems, he will play now. But who will be his company? Not the fact that the age of Iniesta or played almost an entire match on Friday and not quite healthy Thiago Alcantara. It is quite real to go on the field of Rodri, excellent showing himself in the matches for the "Villarreal". Saul can also take a place either in the central or in the attacking three. In the second version, he will replace David Silva, released home because of personal problems.

    The player, "Manchester City" is also able to change Asensio or Vasquez. One of the talents of Madrid "Real", perhaps, will also allow to relax Isco. In the center of the attack this time, most likely, will come Costa. In the gates and in the defense, no serious changes are expected. Although we should not forget about the slight damage to Pique, because of which he missed a couple of workouts. It can be replaced by the station wardens Nacho and Aspilikueta.

    Sampaoli is also unlikely to make a revolution in defense, which finally played well. Unless Sergio Romero returns to the gate. The debutante of the Bustos team, perhaps, will change the Mercilo senile. Possible to enter the field of Rojo. Javier Mascherano add

    Spain vs  Argentina 6:1

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