Spal vs Bologna Live Streaming online Today 03.03.2018 Italy Serie A
Spal vs Bologna Live Streaming online Today 03.03.2018 Italy Serie A, Serie A was not very hospitable for "Spal", which produced its first in eight matches victory. The experienced fighter of the tournament, "Bologna", who wishes to continue her winning streak, will visit the outsider. 


"Spal" at the moment heads the top three of the outsiders of the championship, preserving the chances of prolonging the residence permit in the elite. The situation of the wards of Leonardo Semplichi does not look so hopeless - the distance to the saving place is now measured by one point.

In the last round, "Beloe-Golubye" nobly had fun in the match with their main opponent in the table, "Crotone". Already in the first half of the "Spal" efforts Antenucci opened the scoring, after the break, the ever-young Paloski and Shimich continued the Mirko affair, and as a result the guests took away three points, finishing the meeting with a score of 3: 2. Thus, the gap between the saving place and "Spal" has significantly decreased, and now one successful result will be able to withdraw them from the relegation zone.

Disqualified for the match with the "Bologna" main midfielder, Skjatarella. Do not help the owners also Borriello and rented from the "Cagliari" Pole, Salomon.


"Bologna" firmly entrenched in the middle of the table, and the release of Donadoni's wards is unlikely to threaten. On the other hand, the distance to the finish line is still quite noticeable, so you should not relax and lose points with potential competitors "Bologna".

"Rossoblu" in the last round defeated "Genoa" at home with a score of 2: 0, so their winning series already has two matches - a week earlier fell in the equal struggle "Sassuolo". As a result - to the 17th round, "Bologna" came up with a margin of 13 points from the relegation zone, and points in the match with "Spal" will be 99% saving.

Spal vs Bologna 1:0

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