The completion of the largest restoration in the history of Al-Azhar Mosque

The completion of the largest restoration in the history of Al-Azhar Mosque
    The completion of the largest restoration in the history of Al-Azhar Mosque
    The largest restoration in the modern era of the Al-Azhar Mosque, which is expected to be inaugurated in the presence of President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

    The Al-Azhar Mosque is equipped with a complete monitoring network covering all sides of the mosque, as well as a similar sound system for the two Holy Mosques. The mosque is also cleaned.

    The restoration of the Al-Azhar Mosque has witnessed the installation of the marble floor of the mosque, called "Al-Tasus", which is the same as the marble used in the floors of the Haram al-Sharif and the Prophet's Mosque. It is the type of marble used as "tasus", which works against light and heat, It is made of granite and natural marble, and this type of marble is rare and is imported specifically for the two stones of the mountains of Greece, and reaches the thickness of marble to 5 centimeters, as it is characterized by the fact that it absorbs moisture through pores accurate at night, and in the day to take out what absorbed in the night, It makes it always cold in the heat.
    The completion of the largest restoration in the history of Al-Azhar Mosque

    The execution company also built a well in the center of the Al-Azhar Mosque, where the discovery of the water tank, which was announced by the Ministry of Antiquities earlier discovered during the lifting of marble pieces from the floor of the mosque, where appeared a hole leading to a tank full of six square meters below the bowl of the mosque " The style of the Mohammed Ali Mosque reservoir in the citadel, where it is likely that this tank was used as a source of water reserves in case of scarcity so as not to impede the establishment of religious rites and rituals.

    The restoration works included the renovation of the Al-Azhar Mosque, its coating with gilded paint, and the mosque's brushes with a luxurious type of mokheet, which changed from red to blue. The renovation and decoration of the mosque was completed with great care and cooperation by the Ministry of Antiquities.

    Al-Azhar Mosque witnessed the largest restoration movement in its history and the modern era, when the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered the restoration of Al-Azhar Mosque. The restoration included restoration of the external and internal stone facades, restoration of Islamic decorations, inscriptions and ceilings, restoration of wooden windows, Restoration and rehabilitation of the mosque floors with the same floors used in the Makki Mosque, external and internal lighting works, fire resistance works, television transport works, rehabilitation of the external wall, re-coordination of the external site, Bathrooms.

    The drainage network and the new sewage network of the mosque have been completed with the latest drainage systems known after the old network has been depleted. The electricity grid has been completely changed and all lighting systems are being updated with the latest modern systems used inside the Makkah campus.
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