A solar storm hits the earth in days

A solar storm hits the earth in days
    A solar storm hits the earth in days
    The planet Earth will be exposed in the coming days to a serious solar storm resulting in disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field, the Daily Star reported.

    The US space forecasting center announced that the state of high alert was announced today and tomorrow, after the discovery of a giant hole on the surface of the sun, which triggers a large stream of electromagnetic activity in the form of solar wind, which will hit the current atmosphere of the Earth in the coming days, To changes in energy and impact on the course of some satellites orbiting the earth.

    The center said the solar storm could see the naked eye, but at high altitudes, noting that the Observatory of Solar Energy, NASA, "NASA" discovered these emissions early in the morning.
    Solar storms are one of the biggest threats to life on earth, as they can cause huge power supply problems on the ground, which could lead to total power outages around the world.
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