How to sit in a healthy way to avoid neck pain?
Neck pain is one of the most common pains among many people, such as low back pain, which occurs most of the time because of sitting in the wrong way, which affects the muscles of the neck and back, so we will learn in the following lines on a set of tips to help you sit in a healthy way to avoid Neck pain.

1- A pillow should be placed in the place of the cavity located behind the lumbar lumbar region of the ligament when sitting on the regular chairs.

2 - Learn the exercise "neck crunch", meaning to shorten your neck as the tortoise in the neck and head to modify the position of your neck while sitting.

3. In order to sit properly, your head should be placed in the draw or lash position to a slightly reduced level. To reach this, just shrink or pull your head toward your shoulders as much as you can and then relax your muscles by 10%. Leading to reduced neck pain.

4 - Change the position of your body, from time to time, and avoid sitting on one position for a long time with the combination of sitting and standing, walking and movement to avoid neck injuries and back pain.

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