Inter Milan vs Torino Live Streaming online Today 08.04.2018 Serie A
Inter Milan vs Torino Live Streaming online Today 08.04.2018 Serie A, "Torino" in recent matches scored a good shape, which was an unpleasant surprise for their current opponent, who wanted to play with the "bulls" at the time of their crisis.


"Torino" still recently was in a serious game crisis, losing the match for the match, and it seemed that until the end of the season Turinians can not leave it. The lack of tournament motivation left an imprint on the results of the team, but Mazzarri managed to stabilize the situation in recent matches. Before the fight with "Cagliari" in the 30th round Mazzarri's wards had a series of defeats, consisting of four games in a row, the "bulls" managed to lose even "Verona", which in the last round rendered in one wicket the "Benevento", living at the bottom of the table from the first rounds of the championship.

However, the victory over the "Cagliari", and after and over the "Crotone", allow fans to hope that the defeat is in the past. This is expected by the mentor himself, who firmly assured journalists on the eve of the match that the crisis of his team was in the past.


"Inter", as well as his current opponent, fell through the course of the championship repeatedly in a crisis, but he was less "bright" than the "Torino" not so long ago. Due to a large number of failures in the first round, "Inter" fell out of the Champions League, but due to the good form in recent matches, I was able to return this place myself. Currently, Spalletti wards are in fourth place, ahead of the fifth "Lazio" by two points and behind the third "Roma" on one point.

In the last round, "Inter" played the Milan derby with "Milan", which ended in a goalless draw. For such an account teams have created too many points, so we can say that the game was ruined by a fatal bad luck. "Inter" even managed to score a goal, which was canceled because of the offside Icardi. The best player of the match was recognized as midfielder "Inter" Brozovich - the Croat really worked tirelessly for defense and attack.

Inter Milan vs Torino  0:1

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