Milan vs Sassuolo Live Streaming online Today 08.04.2018
Milan vs Sassuolo Live Streaming online Today 08.04.2018 , "Milan" could not win at the "Inter" in the week in the derby, but write off them from the accounts in the context of the struggle for the Champions League, it's still very early. Will Milan be able to return to the race due to victory in today's match?


"Milan" could not win the derby, but the final result of the match 0-0 should be satisfied. Both teams created a lot of moments at the gate of each other, but they could not score in the end. The goal was actually held - Ikardi even had time to celebrate it, and the commentator - to strain the vocal chords, but the referee canceled the goal. The match developed in such a way that any team could score, almost every two to three minutes. As a result, "Milan" defended a point and is now behind the "Inter" by eight points. The distance, of course, is serious, but there are still enough matches in order for him to win back Gattuso.


"Sassuolo" still leads a desperate battle for survival and in recent matches was able to succeed in this regard. For the past four rounds, the Yakini team has not been defeated, however, in the last game, it was a miracle to avoid. The match with "Chievo" began with the fact that Ajapong earned the removal and left the field. "Sassuolo" in this situation had nothing to do but to go to his goal and try to run into counterattacks. This tactic did not work - at the 72nd minute of the match, Giaccerini scored a goal, and it seemed that the guests were already doomed. However, Cassata was able to play for his team a draw, scoring in the 95th minute. Thus, "neperedi" broke away from the relegation zone by five points.

Milan vs Sassuolo 1:1

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