Napoli vs Chievo Live Streaming online Today 08.04.2018 Serie A, "Napoli" after the defeat of "Roma" in the 27th round, clearly reduced the speed in the championship, resulting in a fall to the second line and a break with Juventus in four points. 


The defeat of "Roma", undeserved and illogical, scattered the fog over Naples, under which the chances of the local team for the championship in this season are no longer so clear. Following the failure with "Roma" was followed by a zero draw with "Inter", which also can be called a loss of points. The victory on the "Genoa", a difficult, worker-peasant, was to tell everyone that their game "Napoli" will still find, but the next loss of points in the match with the outsider again voporos about the crisis opened. Wards Sarri lost the miserable "Sassuolo" almost the entire match, having recouped only in the 80th minute. Neither Milik's exit, nor the final assault, the team did not help, and now the break "Juve" is already four points.


"Chievo" with varying success solves its main task for the season - maintaining propiska in the elite. At the moment "flying donkeys" live on the 14th line in the table with 29 points in the asset. The gap between the 18th Crotone is calculated by five points, which in the current realities of Serie A is a fairly reliable result. In the last round, the team of Maran miraculously missed the victory over "Sassuolo" - the whole match, "Chievo" played in the majority, scored, but did not keep the victory. He played "Sassuolo" in the 95th minute, putting "Chievo" in a very embarrassing situation before his own fans.

Napoli vs Chievo 2:1

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