No more DACA , says Trump and calls for "harsh" immigration laws

No more DACA , says Trump and calls for "harsh" immigration laws
    No more DACA , says Trump and calls for "harsh" immigration laws
    On Twitter, the president also lashed out at Mexico and threatened to end the North American Free Trade Agreement, also known as Nafta, and the US. is negotiating with Mexico and Canada

    US President Donald Trump said that "there will be no deal" to regularize undocumented youth protected from deportation by the DACA plan and urged Republicans to use their majority in Congress to pass "tough" laws migratory

    The comments of Trump supposes a change of position with respect to DACA, because up to now the president had insisted that he wanted a solution for the undocumented youths, known as "dreamers", and had blamed the democrats for the blockade of the negotiations on the theme.

    Today, however, the president urged his co-religionists to use the so-called "nuclear option" to change the laws of the Senate and pass an immigration law without DACA.

    "Republicans must use the nuclear option to pass tough laws RIGHT NOW, NO MORE AGREEMENTS WITH DACA!" He said on Twitter.

    The so-called "nuclear option," which the majority leader in the Upper House - in this case, the Republican Mitch McConnell - can summon discretionally, changes the rules of the Senate, by requiring an approval by simple majority (51) and not 60 votes.

    Thus, this exception jeopardizes the ability of the minority party to stop or block the vote in almost any matter, including the immigration law that the two parties have been debating for months in Congress without having reached an agreement.
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