Syrian military commander: Syrians watching Real Madrid and not interested in USA statements
"The people of Syria in Damascus and other cities are not interested in the Western statements issued by the American administration and other countries, including the threat of launching a military campaign against Damascus," said Muhannad al-Hajj Ali, commander of the 1st Battalion, "storming" the Syrian military Baath Brigade. Now watching the Real Madrid match, we are a people whose fleets do not scare us. "

The "Haj", during a telephone conversation with the program "90 minutes" provided by the media Mohammed al-Baz through the channel "axis", that the promotion of rumors about the departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of the country is funny, stressing that this information is completely wrong, Syrian, and that "the leader Bashar al-Assad with his soldiers submerged in the dust of war on the fronts."

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