What is the Blue Whale suicide game? How to Protect your children from it?

What is the Blue Whale suicide game? How to Protect your children from it?
    What is the Blue Whale suicide game? How to Protect your children from it?
    The Blue Whale An electronic game whose name has been vigorously launched over the past months, not because of its entertaining nature or its role in children's entertainment or education, but for its seriousness and the warnings of officials to use it by children, after the increase of suicides caused by this game, On smart phones with ease.

    What is Blue Whale?

    The Blue Whale, as it is sometimes called, has challenged the Blue Whale, a free game in many countries, starting in 2016. The Blue Whale is made up of a series of tasks, which are provided to players by officials and supervisors over a period of 50 days, They are implemented with sincerity and sincerity, as daily tasks are assigned to the members, leading to the ultimate challenge that requires the player to commit suicide.

    The horrific tasks include self-harming, watching horror movies and waking up at unusual hours, but these things become more extreme over time. On the 50th day, the game's supervisors start educating young people to commit suicide.

    If the Blue Whale participant refuses to complete his mission, the official will post and share something very personal or highly sensitive online from their accounts.

    The dangerous blue whale game has been linked to at least 130 teenage deaths in Russia and police in many countries have warned parents against using their children for the Blue Whale game.

    When did the blue whale appear?

    The blue whale challenge was developed for the first time in Russia by Philippe Bodnickin, a Russian psychologist. The game was initially spread through VK.com, and was shared using a secret link between groups and individual users across network platforms Social and chat groups, including Facebook, Watts, Instagram, Snape Chat, Yahoo and Google Chat.

    Transferring the link to the game also involves sending a virus, which then displays all user data at risk, including full search logs, passwords, e-mail accounts, pictures and videos, which are then used to manipulate players at various stages by game officials.

    When did the warnings come out of the Blue Whale game?

    Concerns about the Blue Whale game were raised in May 2016 through an article in Russia's Novaya Gazeta, which linked many child suicide cases to the F57 group on the social network of Vonkantakti in Russia. The Blue Whale game incited 130 teenagers to commit suicide, and a wave of panic swept through Russia, but the article was later criticized.
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