What is the secret of naming the Blue Whale game by this name?
The blue whale game has recently sparked a stir on the media and in the whole world, especially in Egypt, after the suicide of the son of former MP Hamdi al-Fakharani.

What caused the curiosity of many to know what the game itself and all its details, and among the questions that came to the mind of many of their curiosity, is why this game was called "blue whale"?

The reason for the name of this game is due to the phenomenon or behavior of blue whales in the ocean known as "delinquency", that swim or lean towards the shore, and then can not return and appear dead on the beach, and scientists call it suicide. Some scientists believe that the reason behind the whaling is to escape the bites of the sharks, according to the site "BBC".

Hence the idea of ​​naming the game as "Blue Whale", where the player or participant is called a whale, and the goal of the game is to make him move step by step towards suicide, according to the site "quora."

The game has caused at least 130 cases of suicide among teenagers in Russia, in addition to the monitoring of suicides due to the Blue Whale game in Algeria, and Saudi Arabia and Morocco recorded two suicide cases each.

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