A large-scale war in 2019 between Israel and Iran .. What about Hezbollah?
Entitled "Involving Russia in a new war in the Middle East," Anton Chaplin wrote in "Svobudnaya Prisa" that Syria would see a war between Tel Aviv and Tehran in 2019, and that Russia could prevent it.

Raymond Tunter, a former National Security Council member in the Ronald Reagan administration, George W. Bush and Ivan Sasha Sheehan, a professor at the University of Baltimore, expects a large-scale war in the Middle East next year between Israel and Iran.

According to the head of the Israeli air force, who recently resigned, Major General Amir Ishel, since the beginning of the Syrian war, Israel has directed more than 100 strikes to Syrian territory. Most were aimed at preventing Iran from transferring modern weapons to Hezbollah.

"There is no common border between Iran and Israel," said Mikhail Roshin, a researcher at the Institute for Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who told the paper: "The war can theoretically only begin on Israel's borders with Syria or Lebanon."

Hezbollah, a close ally of Iran, is involved in the Syrian war with President Bashar al-Assad and is unlikely to start a war with Israel in the near future.

"It is not quite clear how Iran, which has no direct borders with Israel, can attack it first, unless it is supported by Bashar al-Assad, but the Syrian president, despite all the recent successes with the support of Russia, Another problem is that the prospects for resolving the Syrian crisis are more ambiguous, and Russia, as one of the main actors in the Syrian theater of military operations, will not allow such a conflict to be provoked. "

"In general, American experts are offering unfounded speculation, in my opinion, perhaps due to the fact that the United States has not been able to play an important role in the post-war settlement in Syria and has pushed the margins of current events," he said.

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