Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough Live Streaming online Today 15.05.2018 Championship
Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough Live Streaming online Today 15.05.2018 Championship, After the guest victory over Middlesbrough in the first playoff game with a score of 1: 0, Aston Villa will try to develop success and go to the next stage at Villa Park. Will guests be able to take revenge? Our forecast will help you with the choice of rates.

Aston Villa

The first duel on the field "Middlesbrough" has developed for the wards of Steve Bruce as well as possible. "Aston Villa" completely gave the initiative, focusing on the defense of their own goal, after the goal scored at the beginning of the first half. Not surprisingly, 37% of all "villans" owned the ball, and in the second half and at all 30. However, for "Aston Villa" the result was important - and she achieved it.

For the Birmingham club, this was the second victory over Middlesbrough this season, both of which took place just at a party. But the home match with the "borough" within the championship ended in a draw 0: 0. Nevertheless, in the League Cup wards Bruce lost 0: 2.

At home, "Aston Villa" looked pretty good in the championship. Only two defeats suffered "villans" not their own arena for the whole season. In the first round, they lost to Reading, and in the second round - to CRC. At the final stretch, the Birmingham beat the leaders - Wolverhampton 4: 1 and Cardiff 1: 0.


Team Tony Pulis second time in the season failed to beat Aston Villa at home, having complicated himself, thereby, the task of reaching the final. The defeat of 0: 1 is not that great. Another thing is that in the first match the ball did not go to the visitors' gate - 16 hits plus 10 cornered. Moreover, against the "villan" "Middlesbrough" plays well on the road. In the last seven guest matches, Boro have won four wins and have drawn three times. In general, in the championship at the finish, the wards Pjulisa did not look the best. Only two victories the team recorded to themselves in the active in the last nine outings, three times conceding and four times drawing a draw.  

Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough 0:0

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