Atalanta vs AC Milan Live Streaming online Today 13.05.2018
Atalanta vs AC Milan Live Streaming online Today 13.05.2018 , "Atalanta" has the opportunity to bypass "Milan" in the standings and virtually guarantee a place in the European League.


"Atalanta" has an excellent opportunity to avoid hassle in the last round, for this, Bergamaks need a victory over "Milan". In the table, the team of Gianpiero Gasperini concedes to "Milan" only one point, therefore, the victory as much as possible brings them closer to the Europa League. Bottom put pressure on the "Atalanta" "violets", which are less by two points - in such cases, there is the likelihood and at all the club from Bergamo fly by the coveted goal.


"Milan" lost the week in the finals of the Cup of Italy "Juventus", and made it devastating. The first half did not bode ill for the Rossoneri, the players played it without goals scored. However, the second half turned into a nightmare for Gennaro Gattuso and his team - literally in eight minutes, "Juventus" scored three goals and buried the intrigue. Now the main goal of "Milan" remains the sixth line - the League of Europe will be a weak consolation, but the place there still will have to be defended.

Atalanta vs AC Milan 1:1

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