In Egypt, Discovery the tomb of the commander of the times of Ramses II
Archaeologists at the excavations of the necropolis in Saqqara discovered the tomb of a prominent commander of the times of the New Kingdom of Ivria, who served under two pharaohs. 

About the opening announced Ola El-Agizi - Professor of Egyptology at Cairo University. According to her, the tomb was discovered in the necropolis of the times of the New Kingdom to the south of the pyramid of Pharaoh Unas.

On the walls there are inscriptions with the mention of an army commander named Ivri, as well as his son Juppa and grandson Khatiai. The latter, probably, were dignitaries. Scientists believe that the tomb belonged to Ivriya, but could also be a family one.

The commander began his service under the pharaoh of Seti I, and then served Ramesses II and even became his adviser. According to archaeologists, Ivri was a foreigner. He moved to Ancient Egypt and reached great heights.

The tomb was built in several stages in a style typical of the nobility of the times of the New Kingdom. Frescoes and bas-reliefs depict battle scenes in which Ivrii participated. For example, one of the frescoes depicts the crossing of a river crawling with crocodiles. Ivrius on the chariot leads the army forward.

Excavations will continue. Scientists hope to find in the tomb the remains of Juppa and Hatiai.

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