Over 100 Palestinians were injured at the border of the Gaza Strip
Over 100 Palestinians were injured in yet another clash with the Israeli military along the borders of the Gaza Strip,reported quoting official representative of the local Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Kidra.

Protests under the general title "The Great March of Return" continue for nine consecutive weeks, although now their scale is much more modest than before.

"The result of the ninth Friday of the march: 109 Palestinians were injured on the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip," the spokesman said.

The Israeli military said that protest actions gathered on Friday about 1.6 thousand Palestinians who burned tires and tossed stones at two points on the border of the Gaza Strip.
In total, according to the calculations of Palestinian doctors, since March 30, the date of the beginning of the "return march", 115 residents of the enclave have died, 13.3 thousand have been hit by bullets and gas, 300 of them remain in serious condition.

In addition, on the West Bank of the river on Friday, the third Palestinian, who was previously injured in the clashes with the Israelis, died, al-Kidra said. The West Bank for a long time stayed away from the protest initiatives and joined them only ten days ago, when the Palestinians celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Nakba - a national catastrophe, the beginning of the occupation and the wanderings of hundreds of thousands of refugees.

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