Prosecutor in the case of the Russian mafia evaluated the work with the Russian side
The Spanish prosecutor in the case of the "Russian mafia" Jose Grinda Gonzalez said that he is unambiguously assessing the cooperation with the Russian prosecutor's office

"I do not know what to say ... As for the prosecutor's office (Russia), we cooperate on an ongoing basis, but this cooperation is not uniform, sometimes the prosecutor's office can not chew what we feed them," Grinda Gonzalez said in response to a question about how cooperation is going on with the Russian authorities.
In the National Court of Justice of Spain there is a trial of the so-called "case of the Russian mafia". Investigation of money laundering by Russian citizens in Spain (operation "Troika") took almost ten years.

In the list of defendants - 18 people, the prosecutor's office charges, in particular, State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik, who went to Spain to testify. In the indictment of the prosecutor's office there were 27 names. The location of the defendants in this case, including the main defendant Gennady Petrov, is not established.
The accused faces from five and a half to eight and a half years in prison, and a fine of 2.7 billion euros. The prosecutor's office believes that as early as 1996, natives of Russia created in Spain a scheme for money laundering, obtained by criminal means in the Russian Federation, through the purchase of real estate.

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