Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming online Today 01.05.2018 Champions League 2018

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming online Today 01.05.2018 Champions League 2018
    Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming online Today 01.05.2018 Champions League 2018
    Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming online Today 01.05.2018 Champions League 2018 , The reciprocal game of "Bavaria" and "Real" has not yet begun, but already the heat. 

    Thomas Mueller came to the press conference before the meeting and reminded everyone of last year's scandal. "Everyone knows what happened last year - Real Madrid scored twice from offside. Now the penalty in the goal of "Juventus" ...

    The atmosphere should not affect the arbitrators. We will concentrate on the game, because we are already under great pressure, "the attacker said.

    The arbitrator's question in this situation is quite important, since the meeting will be run by the Turkish uncle Dzhunayt Chakyr. Statistics, which first after the announcement of the arbitrators rolled out the Catalan media: when judging Chakyr "Real" played six matches. Zero lesions.

    The most famous story about how Chakyr judged "Madrid" happened in 2013. In the match against Manchester United, the Turkish ref removed from the field Nani, for which he deserved the select Scottish curses from Ferguson. Sir Alex even included the episode in his autobiography.

    "One day I preferred to avoid clashes with the press after the match, because because of emotions I could not restrain myself. I would surely have blurted out something about the main judge or his assistants. It's about the match with "Real", when the absurd decision of Chakyr left us in the minority. The judge did not even see the foul! It enraged me, "Ferguson recalled. Chakyr, by the way, after the match said that he did everything right: "My decision will be understood in time." For five years, did not understand. Turks in general in that match took quite a lot of strange decisions. And it so happened that all the most obvious mistakes were made in favor of Madrid.

    The very fact of appointing Chakyr to the Champions League semifinals should not be surprising - it's one of the best referees of UEFA at the moment. The only issue is that he will work the match with increased attention and it is with the participation of the Madrid team. "Real" really last year scored Bayern two very strange goals. Victor Kashshai before the match had an almost impeccable reputation, but this season only the group stage of the Champions League worked and did not go to the 2018 World Cup. And Chakyr judged Real only a couple of weeks ago, in the first quarterfinal against Juventus. Deleted Paulo Dibalu and did not give a penalty to hit the ball in Casemiro's hand. But both decisions were later evaluated as correct - moreover, in the second game the refereeing was much more controversial. But all this does not cancel the fact that two stages in a row, "Real" judges one judge. It feels like UEFA has ended strong referees.

    Each controversial decision on the "Santiago Bernabeu" today will cause a hurricane of emotions, and sometimes Chakyr acts quite decisively. At the same time, he already worked in the current Champions League and at the match with the participation of "Bavaria" - against PSG. No problems arose, the Munich won 3: 1. In total Chakyr judged "Bavaria" five times - and 4 meetings ended for the Germans victories. Blaming the Turk for help

    "Madrid" usually do not remember anything except the same game with "Manchester United". Special bores indicate the game of the group stage with "Malmo", in which Chakyr did not give the Swedes a penalty. Obviously, it was in the match with this team, "Madrid" needed a referee's help.

    It's funny, but there are Spanish newspapers that call Chakyr only "friend of Messi". It seems that once the Turks confessed that he likes watching Leo play. And "Barcelona" in his refereeing defeated - "Juventus" in the final of the Champions League. As a result, it turns out that Chakyr either absolutely does not keep fidelity to the beloved team. Or an ordinary judge with a determined style of work. And tonight he too can be mistaken. Even more than once. But not because of some kind of friendship and a desire to help. Thomas Muller and the Catalan press are better to calm down.

    Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich  2:2

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