Russia strengthens fighter jets in Syria after US air strikes
Satellite images of the Hameimim air base in Syria show a significant increase in fighter aircraft used in air strikes against jihadist groups in Syria. Satellite images also show that three MIG-29 aircraft of the Air Force were transferred to the Hameimim base.

The statistics from the satellite images show the number of fighters seen at Hameem base: 12 Su-34s; 9 Su-24 three Su-25 four Su-30 four Su-35s; one An-124 and two IRIAF C-130s.

Russia will soon receive new Russian missile defense systems and Russian experts will soon receive new missile defense systems, Russian General Sergei Rodzkoy announced at a press conference on Tuesday. Training Syrian officers on their operation. However, Rodescui does not specify what type of Russian fleet system is about to move to Syria.

The news comes amid speculation whether Russia will soon be able to transfer the S-300 air defense system to Syria after the US, British and French air strikes on April 14. Russian General Sergei Rodskoy said the Syrian army had dropped a total of 46 coalition missiles targeting targets in Damascus and its environs. Earlier, Russian military officials said that Syrian air defense systems successfully dropped 71 of the 103 missiles.

The Russian Defense Ministry also announced the wreckage of US missiles and its allies destroyed by Syria's air defense system and two unexploded missiles found and handed over to Syria. For its part, the Pentagon announced that the strike was successful and that the coalition hit targets while Syria did not drop any missiles or US allies.

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