State Department: Saudi coalition is hard to avoid the deaths of civilians in Yemen
The Saudi coalition is hard to avoid civilian casualties in Yemen, said at a conference in Washington, DC. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs Michael Miller.

"Acting with the necessary level of accuracy and caution in relation to civilian casualties and the harm done to them is a very difficult task for the coalition forces, but we continue to emphasize the importance of this," Miller said.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, since March 2015 in Yemen, 6.385 civilians were killed, 10.047 people were injured, and the overwhelming majority of victims are accounted for by the coalition.

In Yemen, since 2014, an armed conflict continues, in which insurgent husits ​​from the Shiite movement Ansar Alla participate, on the one hand, and government troops and the militia loyal to President Abd Rabb Mansour Hadi, on the other.
The authorities from the air and on the ground are supported by an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, and the hussites until recently were assisted by military men loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who died in December 2017.

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