Tehran denounced the inclusion in the US sanctions list of the head of Iran's central bank
The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the inclusion in the US sanctions list of the head of the Iranian central bank, accusing Washington of neglecting international rules.

"The introduction by the US Treasury of a chapter and one of the governors of Iran's central bank on the sanctions list indicates an open disregard for the United States of established international customs and rules, including the immunity of governments and central banks," the ministry said.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran emphasizes that central banks play a key role in the formation and implementation of monetary policy and bring stability not only within the country where they operate, but also in the international monetary and monetary system.

"The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the unconventional step of the US that is contrary to international law, stating that the government and the central bank of Iran reserve the right to legal and political measures to counteract the US step," the ministry said.
The American Finance Ministry said last week that the head of the Central Bank of Iran, Valiulla Seif, is included in the list of US sanctions for supporting the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC, part of the Iranian Armed Forces).

In a press release, the US Treasury said that the head of the Central Bank of Iran helped transfer millions of dollars through the international financial system to finance the IRGC's activities abroad.

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