The Russians warned of disasters and strikes in Greece, Argentina and Brazil
Russian Foreign Ministry warned on Friday Russian tourists from natural disasters and strikes and disruption of transport in a number of countries, including Greece, Argentina and Brazil.

"Greece - 30.05 expected general strike and air traffic controllers strike 3:00 in the period 10,00-13.00, service suspended on the line w / D (proastiakos)" Athens airport (ATH) ", the ferry closed, In public transport ", - said in a letter in the Twitter section of the Center for Crisis and Status (DSCC) of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Aeroflot reported earlier on Tuesday that Aeroflot had already introduced changes to the flight schedule on May 30 between Moscow and Athens.

In Argentina, avtomarsh protest nationwide the social demands of various cities of the country heading to Buenos Aires, the final demonstration will be held on June 1. In Brazil, it is possible to continue a strike truck drivers, which led to the closure of roads and stop the supply of fuel, notes company DSCC.

Also informs the State Department that in connection with the protest action scheduled on Thursday in Karachi traffic may overlap on the road connecting the city to the international airport wing.

ДСК warned about a series of earthquakes on the Mayotte archipelago near the Comoros. "A stronger earthquake is expected in the coming days," Twitter said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also warned of the continuation of the Alberto storm in Mexico, Cuba and the United States of America.

Earlier, Rosturizm with reference to the DSCC data of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that information on Russian tourists in the above-mentioned areas of Cuba have not been received.

In eastern Saudi Arabia, tourists are threatened by the storm "Mecuna", heavy rain and floods are expected.

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