U.S. MARSHALS film - HUNTING WITHOUT TRUCE, IRIS / Info streaming of the film with Wesley Snipes (today, 25 May 2018) US Marshals - Hunting without respite, the film broadcast on Iris today, Friday 25 May 2018. In the cast: Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Downey, directed by Stuart Baird. The plot of the movie.

"U.S. Marshals - Hunting without truce "is the second film, after Il fugitivo, in which the character Samuel" Sam "Gerard played by Tommy Lee Jones appears. The second chapter, however, did not convince the critics: "Excited, spectacular and ruffled remake of the 'Fugitive', who does not have the tension of the excellent detective with Harrison Ford, but in return intrigues the plot in a senseless way. 

So much so that the question mumbled by the beautiful Irène Jacob: 'But you know what's going on?' It also comes out spontaneously from the mouth of the most patient spectator. The black-nosed Wesley Snipes is anything but nice and the super-tough Tommy Lee Jones is just one shoulder, "wrote Massimo Bertarelli, in the Giornale. Recall that "U.S. Marshals - Hunting without truce ", click here to see the trailer, will be broadcast on Iris starting at 9.00 pm but it will also be possible to watch it on streaming thanks to the Mediaset portal, on their mobile devices by clicking here.


Action and thriller for the first night of Iris with the film that is broadcast by the title U.S. Marshals - Hunting without respite that was directed by Stuart Baird in 1998 and was produced in the United States of America for about 130 minutes. The subject was written by John Pogue and the screenplay was extended by Roy Huggins, the photography was developed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and the editing was done by Terry Rawlings with the soundtrack music composed by Jerry Goldsmith. It is no coincidence that the production of U. S Marshals - Hunting without respite, coincides with the cast of producers of The fugitive and was made in 1993. The plots of the two films are profoundly different and do not coincide in any aspect. 

The film directed in 1998 by Stuart Baird is not in fact considered a real sequel because there is no continuation line with a previous film. Compared to Il fuggitivo, however, U. S Marshal-Caccia without respite, has not achieved the same success especially in terms of criticism. If the first film won a prestigious Oscar U. S Marshal-Hunting Without a Truce, he only managed to get a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination. In the cast of the film also appears Wesley Snipes, American actor famous throughout the world for his appearances in films such as Major League the most battered team of the League, Passenger 57 terror at high altitude, Demolition Man and Hard Luck a strange twist of fate.


The U.S. film Marshals - Hunting without respite is aired on Iris today, Friday 25 May 2018, at 21.00. An action film that has been entrusted to the direction of Stuart Baird. The protagonist character of Marshal Samuel "Sam" Gerard was played by a face known to American cinema was played by a well-known face of American cinema such as Tommy Lee Jones, flanked by performers such as Robert Downey, Joe Pantoliano and Daniel Roebuck. The director of the film is Stuart Baird, known for leading the hit comedy films Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Star Trek The Nemesis and Critical Decision. The subject of U.s. Marshals has also appeared in other feature films starring Tommy Lee Jones. We are obviously talking about the film The Fugitive which received an unprecedented international success. But here is the plot of the film in detail.


The United States federal agency, known as the Marshals team, takes on a very complex mission, which aims to eliminate a dangerous and unscrupulous international criminal, Mark Roberts. The team can also count on the precious support of John Royce, a former secret agent who initially clashes hard with the head of the Marsharls, the agent Gerard. Meanwhile, the first investigations leaked a very precious information that upsets the agents. Mark Roberts is in fact a former member of the Marines guilty of killing two members of the CIA. After a long and enthusiastic pursuit, Royce manages to arrest Roberts but Gerard soon realizes that this is not the real criminal.

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