Canada, the European Union, Japan and Mexico are preparing a response to US fees
Canada has a unified position on US duties on aluminum and steel with European partners, Japan and Mexico, they are in close coordination on the response, said the head of the Canadian Foreign Ministry, Khristya Freeland.

"The position of our European partners and Japan coincides with ours, and we are in close coordination with the EU and Mexico on the list of responses, and Japan and the EU have met with us to discuss it." We filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization, "said Freeland journalists. The live broadcast was conducted by CBC.
Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the US does not support the final communique that was adopted following the G7 summit in Canada. On his Twitter page, Trump explained that he made this decision because of a number of statements by the Canadian prime minister that "US duties were some kind of insulting," and he "will not let him sit on his neck."

Justin Trudeau spokesman Cameron Ahmad said that the Canadian prime minister denied that he called the US imposed duties on steel and aluminum imports "insulting" after Trump's departure from Canada to Singapore.
"The G-7 summit was held in the Canadian province of Quebec on June 8-9, 2008. Earlier that the communique was agreed upon by all countries, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said, and later the document was made public. Shortly before the G7 summit, Trump introduced import duties on steel and aluminum from the EU and Canada, which caused criticism in his address.

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