Eddy de Pretto, singer, is the guest of Léa Salamé
Eddy de Pretto, singer, is the guest of Léa Salamé at 7:50. It will be Thursday on the stage of the Olympia for the festival of music of France Inter.

This is the musical phenomenon of early 2018: Eddy Pretto will be this Thursday on the stage of the Olympia for the Festival of Music France Inter. Before that, he answered Léa Salamé's questions in the 7/9 ... after an insomnia which led him to arrive in the studio with a few minutes late.

In his song Kid, Eddy de Pretto evokes an "abusive masculinity": "I wanted to talk about my story above all, and to talk about all the virile figures that surrounded me during my childhood, my father, the guys who were holding the walls down from my house in Creteil ". He also evokes female figures, like that of his mother, who "had a very strict authority and was afraid to let her son go over, she released the tenderness to keep only the authority".

As a teenager, he plays the guy with the guys from his suburbs before going back to his room to play the doll: "It's the paradox, it was not so radical but _ I felt much more free to be the me that I wanted to be_, that I would not have any problem in my room, that I would not be looked at like elsewhere, like outside "

Awarded Tuesday night at the Out of Gold ceremony organized by the Association of LGBT Journalists, Eddy de Pretto says he is "very happy to receive a trophy that helps to get things done, to talk about these topics, to question, to debate ", while assuming to have said" I'm gay, and we do not care ":" for me it's not a particular trait that the fact that I'm blond, that I have a beard, it is not a detail that must be put forward more than another, I do not want to put it more ahead than another to market an album .. Even personally I do not speak often ".

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