Egypt vs Uruguay Live Streaming online Today 15.06.2018 World Cup 2018
Egypt vs Uruguay Live Streaming online Today 15.06.2018 World Cup 2018 , In the second match of group "A" will meet the main favorite of this quartet with the team, which theoretically can "shoot" at the upcoming mundiale. Uruguay needs to create a comfortable reserve before the fight with Russia, while Egypt will try to earn at least one point in the match. What is the expected outcome of this confrontation?


Egypt easily passed the selection for the World Cup. "Pharaohs" won not the most difficult group with Uganda, Ghana and Congo with a difference of four points. However, the trauma of Mohammed Salah, together with the unsuccessful results in the friendly matches, leave the Africans no bright prospects.

After completing the selection, the Egyptian national team held five friendly matches. In these meetings, the wards of Héctor Cooper could not achieve a single victory. "Pharaohs" lost to Portugal - 1: 2, Greece - 0: 1 and Belgium - 0: 3, and also tied with Kuwait - 1: 1. Egypt achieved the only good result in a duel with the South American team. Africans played with Colombia in a zero draw.

At the World Championships, Egypt is unsuccessful. This is only the third appearance of the "pharaohs" on the mundial. For the previous two, the African team did not win.

With the expanded application of the Egyptian national team for the World Cup and more information about the team, please see our blog.


Uruguay for the upcoming tournament fits in a much better mood. First, in the selection Oscar Tabares's wards were second, ahead of Argentina. Secondly, in March, "charroa" managed to win the semi-national Cup of China. The Uruguayans defeated the Czechs - 2: 0, and in the finals Wales defeated - 1: 0.

Friendly match on the eve of mundialya Uruguay played just one. Team Tabares defeated Uzbekistan with a score of 3: 0.

At the World Championships "charroa" qualify almost always. Recall that this modest by today's standards team even twice won the World Cup. Although it was still in the middle of the last century. In the last tournament, the Uruguayans managed to leave the difficult group with England, Italy and Costa Rica, but lost 1/8 to the Colombians.

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