Former Dynamo footballer does not want Salah to play against the Russian national team
Former footballer of the Moscow "Dynamo" Sergei Kiriakov told that he does not want Egyptian team's forward Mohamed Salah to play against the Russian team.

"From the sports point of view, I would like Salah not to play. This is a very high level player who is strong individually and can decide the fate of the match alone, "the expert said.

He also told who wants to see the player of English football in the Russian fields.

"On the other hand, there must be entertainment in the game in order to prove in fair fight that you are stronger. It's better for fans and journalists that he play, but for professionals and all of our football it will be better if Salah does not take part in the match. Then our chances of getting out of the group will increase, "Kiriakov added.

Liverpool striker and Egypt's national football team Mohammed Salah will miss at least three weeks because of a shoulder injury, according to Soviet Sport.

According to the French edition of L'Equipe, a football player has been diagnosed with sprains of the shoulder joint. A medical examination, which the forward conducted in Italy, showed that the recovery will take from three to four weeks.

Thus, the 25-year-old striker risks missing the matches of the group stage of the World Cup - 2018 against the teams of Russia, Uruguay and Saudi Arabia.

The Football World Cup 2018 will be held from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities.

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