France vs Australia LIVE World Cup 2018: Kick-off time, what channel, prediction, team news, betting odds
France vs Australia LIVE World Cup 2018: Kick-off time, what channel, prediction, team news, betting odds, The French national team in the starting match will justify its title of one of the main favorites of the tournament. Do the Australians have their own trump cards?


The French national team showed itself well at home Euro, reaching the final. The victory from the team Didier Deschamps eventually escaped, but the game looked very decent for the game. The same can be said about the qualification in the performance of the "blue" - just one defeat in 10 matches. The group was overcome by the French quite easily, ahead of the second Sweden by four points. It should be noted that the team was very difficult for the team of Deschamps - the Netherlands, uncompromising Belarus, who proved their class of Swedes.

In friendly matches, Deschamps tried various schemes, changed performers - in a word used "kartodnyaki" for their intended purpose. From these permutations, the results were not too bad - the victories over Ireland and Italy were not too heavy. In the last fight, the French stumbled over the United States, which played in a very experimental composition. Draw 1: 1 was a disappointment for the fans of the "blue", but they knew perfectly well that this was the last game before the "mundialem", and nobody particularly wanted to tear the veins.

On the eve of the tournament, France is in excellent spirits - all the players are healthy, and in an interview they say in compliments about the claims of their team for "gold". In our special material you can see the perspectives of the "blue" in the group, you can find it on this link.


Australia failed in the qualification, having occupied in the table only the third place. Forward team of Bert Van Marwijk missed Saudi Arabia and Japan, so the team was forced to go through several more difficult stages. In the fourth round, "sokkeruz" went to Syria only in the penalty shootout, having drawn two draws. Apogee of the qualifying round for Australia was the confrontation with Honduras. In these matches the Australians did not experience any special problems after passing the opponent with a total score of 3: 1, and having obtained the desired ticket to Russia.

In friendly matches, Australia did not force the training, Van Marveyk used almost the same composition, establishing mutual understanding between the main players. As a result, the Australians lost to Norway 1: 4, beat the Czechs 4: 0, defeated a zero draw with Colombia. In the last friendly match, Australia outplayed Hungary 2: 1, having realized almost all of its moments.

On the eve of the fight, the coaching staff of the Australian national team gave out interviews to journalists, in which experts noted the strength of the French national team, also made it clear to the public that their team does not harbor any special illusions about the match, and a tough fight is being set up.

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