In Afghanistan, about 30 officers of the siloviki were killed in the attack of the Taliban
At least 30 Afghan security forces were killed in the Taliban attack in Badghis province, Reuters reported citing local authorities.

As reported by the agency, the militants of the radical movement "Taliban" * committed an attack on two checkpoints on Wednesday morning. It is noted that this is the first major attack by the Taliban since the introduction of the ceasefire.

On Saturday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the truce between the government and the Taliban * will be extended for ten days. Initially, it was announced from 11 to 19 June. The Taliban * in turn stated that it does not intend to support this initiative.

Earlier it was reported that the declaration on the results of the conference in Tashkent reflected a common position on the need for the early start of direct talks between the government of Afghanistan and the armed opposition, in particular the Taliban, * without any preconditions being put forward.

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