In India, the military pulled the girl out from under the moving train
A serviceman rescued a five-year-old child, who nearly fell under the train. The incident occurred at the railway station in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai.

On the shots you can see how a woman with a little girl runs up to the starting line-up. She manages to jump into the car, and the child releases her hand and falls into the gap between the car and the platform. At that moment, the man in the uniform who was sitting on the bench instantly reacts and pulls out the child. 

According to Metro, the savior's name is Sachin Paul. He, like the girl, received minor bruises. They were assisted in the first-aid post at the station. See also: Trip to hell. The video came from a locomotive that entered the fire. 

The girl's father said that he did not see what happened, as he was ahead, and the wife did not know "how fast the trains are speeding up." "I will be eternally grateful to the man who saved the life of my daughter," the man stressed. In April, 22 passenger train cars with 1,000 passengers in India separated from the locomotive and drove 12 kilometers in reverse. It turned out that the railwaymen violated the technique

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