In Kashmir, five Indian security forces were injured in a shootout with militants
Five officers of the security services of India were injured during a special operation against the militants of the "Jais-i-Muhammad" group * (the "Army of the Prophet Muhammad") in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the local police said.

According to her, the operation began late in the evening on Tuesday and lasted several hours. The police were informed that three militants, including a Pakistani citizen, were killed after it was completed.
"Five security personnel, including one policeman and four soldiers, were injured in this shootout," the state law enforcement agencies reported.

In Jammu and Kashmir, separatists are active, advocating for the independence of the state or its accession to Pakistan. In Kashmir, there are no official borders between India and Pakistan - the army of the two states shares the line of control. New Delhi accuses the Pakistani authorities of supporting armed separatists, Islamabad rejects this accusation, stating that Kashmiri residents are fighting for their rights on their own.

The group "Jais-i-Muhammad" * operates in the territory of Kashmir, where its members are fighting for the separation of the region from India. It is on the list of terrorist organizations of the United Nations. India considers the group implicated in a series of terrorist attacks and seeks to include the UN Security Council its leader Masud Azar in the list of terrorists.

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