Ivory Coast president: I have the right to run for a third term
Ivory Coast President El Hassan Ouattara said in French magazine John Afrique that he was entitled to run for a third term in the presidential election in 2020 under the country's modern constitution.

This is the first time that Watara has been published, which will infuriate his political opponents.

Watara was elected for the first time in elections in 2010 and sparked a brief civil war.

Wattara, 76, told the magazine that "the modern Basic Law allows me to work two terms that start in 2020", hinting that the two terms he spent in the existence of the old Basic Law would not be prepared to take into account that the modern Basic Law is provided that the president does not exceed two terms.

"I will not make a final decision but its time to build on the situation in Ivory Coast. Stability and peace come before anything, including my principles. "

A spokesman for the authorities was not available for comment.

Voters in Ivory Coast approved the modern Basic Law by an overwhelming majority in a vote in November 2016 boycotted by the main opponents of Tuatara.

The new Basic Law abolished a clause in the last Basic Law that required the parents of any presidential candidate to be citizens born in Ivory Coast.

He used that paragraph to exclude Ouattara from the 2000 election and helped ignite regional tensions that split the Ivory Coast into two parts from 2002 to 2011.

Lautara has family ties that extend across the border with Burkina Faso and Mali.

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