Lebanon TV broadcast World Cup matches in Russia after bein sports approval
Lebanon TV broadcast World Cup matches in Russia after bein sports approval, Lebanese television has won the rights to broadcast World Cup matches in Russia through its channels after reaching an official agreement with the group of bein sports channels, which has the rights to broadcast the World Cup in the Middle East exclusively.

The Lebanese Minister of Information in the caretaker government, Melhem Al-Riyashi, said that an agreement had been reached with the owners of the right to broadcast football matches at the World Cup (World Cup Russia 2018), according to which all the games will be transferred to Lebanon TV free of charge.

Al-Riyashi added that the success of this agreement was achieved in the light of the difficult negotiations conducted by the ministerial committee responsible for following up this file with the companies, and contributed to the success of the great effort exerted by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and the efforts of the Ministers of Communications Jamal Jarrah, Youth and Sports Mohammad Fneish.

He added that there will be a full view of all the games in all parts of Lebanon and within all houses on Lebanon TV free of charge as this is a "national need and the right of all Lebanese," pointing out at the same time that the state is keen on the rights of companies and service providers and to address all acts of piracy And infringement of the rights of third parties.

He pointed out that the agreement ensures that public cafes and restaurants pay certain fees for the collective transport of matches, so that the companies (possessing the right to broadcast) can obtain their rights of material.

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